Pilot Club members partner with  Madison County Sheriff's Office to provide

  Project Lifesaver. The program protects those with Alzheimer's, Autism and other  

  cognitive conditions who wander and

  become lost. Learn more at 


  What's in a name?  Especially when Pilot

  International members don't fly planes?  

  Inspired by the river boat pilots of the day,

  PILOT was chosen as it means “leader and guide".

The Pilot Club of Huntsville Inc. received

its charter in 1939 and has for over 79 years provided service to Huntsville and Madison County. Members enjoy monthly meetings, projects in our community, fund raising events and conventions, meeting and interacting with Pilot Club members from across the state and across the globe.  

The Pilot Club of Huntsville Inc. signature projects are Project Lifesaver of Madison County, Madison Academy Anchor Club and TBI Camp at Camp ASCCA as well as supporting other area non-profit organizations and an annual scholarship. 

Anchor Club members join Pilot Club members in community projects. Importantly, these young people are learning commitment, service, leadership and the joy earned through giving of themselves.