​With more than 7500 members in almost 375 clubs; Pilots are everywhere!
Pilot volunteers in communities like ours have made a big difference. 
Help us Do more. Care more. Be more. 

The Pilot Club of Huntsville, Inc. always welcomes new members who are wanting

to work hard to help others in our community.

Please use the form on our Contact page to share your interest.  ​​

Thank you!  Thank You! Thank you!

To all the wonderful people to came to our Basket Bingo event, raising money to support our local community projects!  You are so appreciated!


Learn about Madison County's Project Lifesaver locator program, visit:​


To apply:  Madison County Sheriff's Office, 256-722-7181

National Project Lifesaver information: ​ www.projectlifesaver.org 

  Mission.  Pilot International transforms communities by: developing youth, providing service and education, and uplifting families.

    Vision.  Pilot International envisions a world where all are valued.